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Join us in our quest to innovate our way to success. Our team is driven by ambitious, creative young individuals whose problem-solving skills can only evolve with your support. Tackling such challenging tasks in competitions mould us into modern-day ready engineers and creators. Working on a project like ours calls for bright, imaginative minds who are willing to put in the hours to get the job done. A small push can propel us to our goals. Providing us with a platform to succeed will go a long way in reaching new heights.

Sponsoring us will provide you with an excellent brand value and enhance your international outreach.

This will help create positive public relations and raise awareness of the organization as a whole. In addition it will also benefit your corporate social responsibility.

Team RoverX would greatly appreciate any kind support you can provide. Funds raised will go a long way in offsetting the costs of this projects and promoting the continued success of our team.


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  • Gaurav Goyal(Team Captain) +919789600819
  • Sanidhya Saxena(Technical Head) +919944603499
  • Dhruv Airan(Team Manager) +919772222538
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